Friday, May 13, 2016

Canoptek Spider WIP #1

 Hello again ladies and greater demons, Justaerin here with some images of my Canoptek Spider. Please ignore the clutter on my work area here, haven't put everything in a bitz box yet.

Here's a front view of my spider. The blue on it is The Fang, which i will be highlighting using Etherium Blue. The core in the middle there need to be cleaned up a bit, the yellow is almost getting in the way of my silver.

This monstrosity was the result of me attempting to add a glow effect to the glyphs on his back. Going to try and fix those and go a bit lighter next time. I know it's hard to see with these camera shots, but the metal parts of the spider are essentially done. By next update, I should have the yellow highlights done and the blue highlighted as well. Thanks for reading everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

T'au Sept Cadre Fireblade and Stealth Team

Hello everyone, Today's post is on my newly finished Cadre Fireblade and Stealth Team painted in the T'au Sept color scheme before I began work on my current sept which you'll be seeing some of in coming weeks.
Up first is the Fireblade.the sand was painted with Ushabti Bone, shaded with Agrax Eathshade, and drybrushed using Tyrant Skull. However, because I have very little variation in my paint cans, and not a budget to change that, the ruins beneath his feet are painted with Ceramite White, and heavily shade with Agrax Earthshade. The armor itself was made using the Games Workshop prescribed T'au armor paint bundle. 

The Stealth Team isn't much different. These were painted prior to the Cadre Fireblade for an in-store contest, of which I won by beating out a single other painter. The bases don't quite match here, as I only have Astrogranite for my texture paints. All in all, some of a favorite models to this day. I'd be interested in what you have to say about it, so put it in the comments below!