Friday, May 13, 2016

Canoptek Spider WIP #1

 Hello again ladies and greater demons, Justaerin here with some images of my Canoptek Spider. Please ignore the clutter on my work area here, haven't put everything in a bitz box yet.

Here's a front view of my spider. The blue on it is The Fang, which i will be highlighting using Etherium Blue. The core in the middle there need to be cleaned up a bit, the yellow is almost getting in the way of my silver.

This monstrosity was the result of me attempting to add a glow effect to the glyphs on his back. Going to try and fix those and go a bit lighter next time. I know it's hard to see with these camera shots, but the metal parts of the spider are essentially done. By next update, I should have the yellow highlights done and the blue highlighted as well. Thanks for reading everyone!

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